February 24, 2017


ESA is prime contractor of the JUICE project. ESA is in charge of the spacecraft launch, navigation towards Jupiter and injection into orbit around Jupiter.

CNES is contributing to funding of the JUICE project through ESA's mandatory scientific programme and directly through the national programme via France's participation in the spacecraft's instruments. CNES, representing France on ESA's Science Programme Committee, is responsible for the French deliverables.

CNES ensures, for all French participants (CNRS, universities) the prime contractorship of the French contribution to JUICE. As such:

  • it is funding the contributions of the French laboratories;
  • it is overseeing development of the French contributions;
  • it is supplying supports where needed by laboratories for quality insurance, mechanics, thermals, components expertise, etc.;
  • it is managing the interface with ESA for technical and programmatic aspects;
  • it is funding the French mission science activities.

French contributions to Juice payload:

Instrument typeInstrumentDescriptionLaboratoriesContributions
Remote Sensing SuiteJANUSCameraIASScientific Co-Investigators
UVSUV Imaging SpectrographLATMOSFUV & EUV grating
MAJISMoons And Jupiter Imaging SpectrometerIASPrincipal Investigator
LESIAThermo-mechanical detector study
Contribution to the scientific ground segment
SWISubmillimetre Wave InstrumentLERMA2 channels at 600 GHz
Plasma & Fields PackagePEPParticle Environment PackageIRAPMCP (MicroChannel Plate) for JENI sensor
RPWI - SCMRadio & Plasma Wave Investigation
Search Coil Magnetometer
LPPLF triaxial dual-band magnetometer;
Search coil - SCM detector
RPWI - JENRAGERadio & Plasma Wave Investigation
Jupiter ENvironment Radio Astronomy and Ganymede Exploration
LESIACo-Principal Investigator, scientific coordination
RPWI - MIMERadio & Plasma Wave Investigation
Mutual Impedance MEasurements
LPC2EMutual Impedance Probe
MIME detector