December 16, 2019

Ground Segment

The JUICE mission will be planned and operated from ESA’s ground segment comprising the Mission Operations Centre (MOC) at ESOC (European Space Operations Centre) in Darmstadt, Germany, and the Science Operations Centre (SOC) at ESAC (European Space Astronomy Centre) near Madrid, Spain. Communications with JUICE will go through a single ground station in Malargüe, Argentina, operating in X and Ka bands.

The research laboratories and institutes in charge of the instruments will develop and deliver the systems for decommutating their science telemetry.

France is directly responsible through the PI-ship of MAJIS (Moon And Jupiter Imaging Spectrometer) for the pipeline for decommutating science telemetry from the instrument (IAS space astrophysics institute, in partnership with the LESIA space and astrophysics instrumentation research laboratory for geometry data).

The LPP plasma physics laboratory is supplying to the Swedish PI of RPWI the information required to decommutate the science telemetry and system data (HK) from the SCM (Search Coil Magnetometer) instrument.

LPC2E, the environmental and space physics and chemistry laboratory, is supplying to the same PI the information for the MIME (Mutual Impedance MEasurement) board.

The LERMA astrophysical and atmospheric radiation and matter research laboratory is supplying the same information to the German PI of SWI (Submillimetre Wave Instrument) for the 1,200-GHz chain and the frequency distribution module, as is the IRAP astrophysics and planetology research institute to the Swedish PI of PEP (Particle Environment Package) for the SHVPS high-voltage power system board.